I regard myself first and foremost as a commentator on life itself – a philosopher (sounds narcissistically grandiloquent!), if philosopher defines an individual preeminently concerned with observing and establishing the truth of things. Consequently – to the extent that this claim holds – I am also a free-thinker, for the philosopher must maintain a certain detachment from life, even as he/she is a participant in it, and willingness to entertain unorthodox positions in pursuit of truth. But above all, the philosopher endeavours to establish his/her life and beliefs on a basis of understanding, having exercised his/her critical judgement informed by organic experience and trustworthy sources of knowledge. Throughout these written depositions, the quest for authenticity will be explicit and implicit. Why do I place such a premium on authenticity? Because authenticity – centering honesty – in the experience of ourselves and ourselves in relation to others and the world at large – is integral to experiencing meaningfulness. Can one really live meaningfully if we are not honest with ourselves? With what one really desires, thinks, feels, and perceives? I think not. Fulfilment, surely, is contingent on meaningfulness. Consider the word fulfilment: full fill. If one is to live life to the full, one must necessarily engage life to the full – with all that one really is, with all that life really is. Anyway, I’ll be touching on the subject of authenticity and its implications in the posts, which will embrace an eclectic assortment of happenings in politics, society, art, music, cinema, and more – all bearing in one way or another on the lived and its possibilities for presenting authentic meaning. Maybe somewhere along the way, I’ll get some readers!


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