My Excoriating Day of Judgement on the Lib Dems

Posted: May 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

“I will have nought to do with a man who can blow hot and cold with the same breath.” ~ Aesop

I was duped, like so many: I really thought the Lib Dems were gilded with gold. But now I can call the spade by its true name – a spade. I don’t believe in burning bridges unnecessarily, but today I’ve removed all Facebook friends expressing support for the Liberal Democrats. It’s usually best to keep communication lines open – but really, the bridge has been burnt to a cinder. Anybody who could conceivably be my friend, wouldn’t now be having anything to do with this deeply marred, mired and misbegotten pantomime of a political party. There is clearly no distinct additional colouring to the policies that are hitting the ground from this government – they’re blue through and through: the wee splodges of yellow that might be observable, simply dribble down the drain in the hard rain of reality. The final straw for me was listening to a sneering Lib Dem MP commentating on George Galloway’s by-election success: the guy stank of foul-smelling Establishment ordure. A quick glance at the facts:

  • Electoral reform: The Lib Dems bleated on about this year after year, but when it came to the referendum on AV, their contribution to the Yes campaign seemed more like a pathetic whimper, and now they’re not even mentioning PR (real electoral reform); I think I know why: electoral reform would be a blow to the Establishment, but behind the phony progressive persona, they ARE the Establishment. Their role has been and is to pretend to be progressive – it’s part of the show folks. If they were really led by principle, they’d be banging on about PR now.
  • Surveillance: How Cleggy & Co. shitmouthed about dismantling the surveillance state and curtailing unjustified intrusions into the private lives of citizens. And what’s been done? Sweet FA. Well, not quite: a couple of days ago legislation was announced that will enable GCHQ TO MONITOR ALL YOUR PHONE CALLS, TEXT MESSAGES, EMAILS & WEBSITE VISITS. And yesterday, on Radio5Live, Lib Dem Lord Carlile of Berriew no less was DEFENDING the proposed legislation – could you make it up? But hey, what do manifestos count for – it’s all about getting yer dirty mitts on the reins of power, eh?
  • Health & Social Care Bill: The deeply troublesome changes that are now being implemented – the dismantling of the NHS no less – were NOT in the manifestos of either the Lib Dems or the Tories. How’s that for democracy?
  • Welfare Reform Bill: Same goes – NOT in the manifesto. What is happening to many thousands of physically and mentally disabled people across this land now is nothing short of a humanitarian crime. Along with the Health & Social Care Bill, this could NOT have passed into legislation without a significant number of Lib Dems in the Commons voting for it.
  • The Budget: The Lib Dems make great play of their role in securing a lifting of the threshold before which income tax is paid. But, as Owen Jones put it in The Independent (‘Owen Jones: Leave our kids alone – or pay a heavy price’; April 6, 2012), this is a scam. Because once cuts to tax credits and benefits, the hike in VAT, pay freezes, inflation and the general rising cost of living have been factored in – it’s crystal clear that the lowly-paid are being well and truly kicked in the wotsits. Course, if you’re earning over £150,0000 a year, you can look forward to a handsome tax CUT equal to the wages of many. And all the while, benefits are being cut or even withdrawn for many, whilst more and more people are dumped onto the dole queue.
  • Tuition fees: Yet another unjustifiable U-turn…
  • The broader picture: Next to nothing has been done to curb the excesses and deleterious social consequences of the market, which is not free or fair and is rigged in favour of the corporates – the energy market being a prime example. The market place should be a level playing field, allowing for fair competition and genuine consumer choice. I am a libertarian socialist, and am not anti-commerce or anti-accumulation of wealth per se – I simply believe that markets should be properly regulated and that taxes should be fair and properly enforced (again, next to nothing has been done to tackle tax evasion, which robs the treasury each year of billions). True socialism is about creating a fair, meritocratic society, where success is not measured and rewarded solely in financial/material terms, and where the wellbeing of the individual is bound to the wellbeing of society as a whole. The time has come to look beyond the Establishment parties, to parties led by principles – not hunger for power – parties with fresh ideas and solutions. That’s why I joined the Green Party (take a look at what the Green Party is really about:, but there are other genuine socialistic alternatives, such as Respect. Sad to say, Labour, or rather New Labour, is no longer genuinely socialist, and is part of the repressive Establishment fabric and the problem, manifest in the tyranny of the neoliberal consensus (Wikipedia, ‘Neoliberalism’:

    Lobby fodder indeed!


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